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All the products will be shipped via world trusted careers.All the products will be shipped via world trusted careers.

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How Vedherb's natural formulations helps You Feel Better After Ten Days of Usage?

Our personal experience, empirical knowledge, extensive research and cutting edge bio-informatic technologies make our natural formulations safe, amazingly quick to absorb and effective.

Each formulation combines herbs based on 3 Factors

  • Specific herbs known as lead herbs that addresses most of symptoms associated to the health condition.
  • Supporting synergistic herbs that work by increasing the effect of lead herbs.
  • Carrier/Drivers known to play a vital role in transportation of herbs through micro channels crossing all barriers without destroying the potency and delivery at cellular level.

10 Years of Industry Experience

Our Medical Director Dr. Rajeshwari who hold a M.D and Post Doctorate in interdisciplinary medicine, is a eminent Professor at the most esteemed University- KLE Academy of Higher Education and Researches (KAHER).
She has developed over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience and is informed by conventional, integrative, lifestyle, functional and ecological medicine.

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We are partnered with the Most Trusted Brands a mix of legacy and modern economy brands. A testament perhaps to the expanding needs of consumers who seek the trust and reassurance of brands that have stood the test of time, and new age innovations that are useful in daily lives.